Christopher J Sissons

Web Design Portfolio

horizonfest logoHorizonfest is my first commercial site. Currently it is live and it will remain so until the future of the Festival is reviewed. I have revived a version of the site from before events were removed from it, so that the way it worked can be seen. The external links on this version of the site have been disabled.


Flower budThis site, my freelance community development project work, was my first site developed on Dreamweaver. It is currently my main site but I am planning a new site. The new site will focus on web design and consultancy for third sector organisations. I have a lot of material to put on it.



Bessemer House from my Lower Don Valley page.Lower Don Valley was my original landing site. It does not function properly as a landing site and so I have demoted it! It is another early Dreamweaver site.


WCC logoA beta site for the Society for Ecumenical Studies, marked up in XHTML, to show I can do it.



My CV can be found on this site.